Heart Attack First Aid

The first 30 seconds is absolutely vital.
Heart attack also known as myocardial infarction is heart hypoxia resulting in blood coagulation, hence unable to transport oxygen to the brain. This in turn leads to brain damage. Prime time to rescue is only 30 seconds. Two months prior to heart attack, the symptoms are usually occasional chest tightness, bad mood and tired. One or two days prior, the patient will be completely exhausted. If this condition exists, one must pay special attention. This could happen to anyone regardless of his/her age. So people around you must be equipped the following first aid knowledge.

Step 1

  • Do not let the patient fall asleep. Continuously say his/her name, to keep the patient awake.

  • Prepare a small bottle of incense oil (agalloch eaglewood oil is the king of first aid). Put a few drops of incense oil on the patient's tongue.

Step 2

  • Use a finger apply pressure on the patient's "ren zhong", the mid-point between the nose and the upper lip, till he/she frowns. (see diagram)

  • Hold fist to repeatedly roll on the mid chest region to stimulate movement of the heart muscle. (see diagram)

  • Put the left hand on the right fist, apply pressure the help of the body weight to roll from right to left on the chest. Instruct the patient to inhale when you apply pressure, and exhale when you release.

  • Continue until the patient moves his/her shoulders and his/her face turn to look normal.

If you don't have anyone around you when this occurs, you can do these:

1. cough strongly;
2. hit your chest hard with fists;
3. lie on the floor, roll chest left and right vigorously.

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