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Gold Calamari

400 grams of fresh squid
1 egg
Amount of bread crumbs
Corn starch
Oil 500 grams
(Actual consumption of 80 grams)
Allspice 1 tsp
1 teaspoon salt
1 tsp sugar
1 Clean squid, cut into ring shape; beat the egg;
2 Add water to the flour and starch, and mix thoroughly into batter, add in squid, add salt, sugar, allspice and mix well, then dip in eggs then coat with bread crumbs;
3 Heat oil, deep fry calamari golden, remove and drain the oil and serve.
Golden color, tender and crispy.
★ Chefs tips
When frying make sour oil temperature not too low, so bread crumbs to fall off.
Kitchen Tips
Master the oil temperature
Control of cooking oil temperature will affect the color, flavor and shape of the dish. On the recipe, we use the percentage. At 10-20%, oil has small bubles to surface; at 30-40% oil starts to riple without smoke. At 50-60%, you can see more riple and start to see smoke. At 70-80%, oil riple disapperes with a lot more smoke. At 90%, rising smoke is intensive.

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