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Egg Yolk Fish Ball

Grass carp fish (or tilapia) 500 g
5 Boiled eggs
Loofah 50 g
Ham 10 g
1 red pepper
Onion 1
1 small piece ginger
Corn starch
Oil 500 g
(Actual consumption of 60 grams)
2 tsp soy sauce
Half tablespoon cooking wine
2 tsp salt
1 teaspoon MSG
1 Chop the fish into paste; Cut egg white into small pieces and mix together; Cut egg yolk into cubes; Wash and chop green onion, ginger, pepper;
2 Make fish paste into balls; Put in the egg yolk as filling in the ball; If the fish paste too wet, add a little starch to thicken;
3 Peel and slice loofah; Stir fry loofah, ham, peppers then remove;
4 Fry fish ball with egg yolk filling until golden brown then remove;
5 Stir fry fish ball loofah, ham, pepper, add wine, soy sauce, salt, msg, onion, ginger.
Soft and delicious.
★ Chefs tips
Wrap egg yolk tightly to avoid split when fried.

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