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Dongpo Pork

Pork brisket with skin 1000 grams
Onion 3
Ginger 1 large
3 tablespoons soy sauce
7 tablespoons cooking wine
2 tablespoons sugar
1 Shave any hair from the skin of pork if any. Wash and cut into 1 inch squares. Cook in water using high heat for 5 minutes. Remove and rinse with water. Peel ginger and lightly crush with knife; Wash onions and tie leave knot;
2 In a pot of water, add meat, scallion, ginger, cooking wine, Cook over high heat for 1 hour;
3 Add soy sauce, sugar, simmer for 30 minutes, until meat is tender (skim the foam and oil constantly);
4 Take out the meat and put in a clay pot with skin side up and add some juice from cooking the meat. Steam for 30 minutes with high heat.
Crisp rich but not greasy. ★ Chefs tips Should use half fat and lean pork brisket. The key of this dish is to properly control the heat and timing. It will be delicious. Kitchen Tips Thawing of fish and meat After fish and meat thaw from the deep freeze, the cell would be severely damaged. Refreezing fish or meat is not good for preservation, but also produce carcinogenic substances. Therefore, it is best to thaw as much as you use.

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