Lemon Duck

Duck 1 (about 800 grams)
1 lemon
1 tsp sesame oil
25 tablespoons of broth
3 tsp salt
MSG 2 tsp
1 Wash the duck, put in boiling water to remove the blood, and then wash in cold water and drain;
2 Put duck into clay pot, add salt, broth, into the steamer to steam 50 minutes; Add lemon (to remove the kernel), then steam for 10 minutes, add MSG, sesame oil and serve.
Smell fresh and tender meat soup.
★ Chefs tips
Citric acid can make the duck tenderize faster.
Kitchen Tips
Knowing the quality of live poultry 1 crown: the healthy live poultry crown color red, upright. Sick live poultry has dark purple crown color, swelling, or nodules with thick foam.
2 eyes: healthy live birds and large round eyes, lively, with flexible eye movements. Sick live poultry eyes glazed, closed or half closed. Cheese-like discharge around the eye socket.
3 mouth: a healthy mouth closed live poultry, dry. Sick birds mouth with mucus, and more hanging on the end of the beak.
4 wings: wings should be close to the birds body, feathers tight and tidy, shiny. Sick bird's wings drooping, feathers thick messy, fluffy, dull, and dirty.
5. Anus: a healthy live has clean and dry feather around the anus, anus should be wet and reddish. Sick birds have green dirty feather near the anus or white stool, anal mucosal inflammation, dark red.
6. Chest: a healthy bird should have full chest, flexible, reddish. Sick chest is thin, stiff, dark red.
7 Legs and feet: a healthy live bird has strong and powerful feet, and move lively flexible action. Sick bird has weak feet and wobbly steps.

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