Ginger Duck

Half Duck (about 300 grams)
Ginger 1 large piece
Cooking oil 30 g
Half tablespoon cooking wine
2 tsp salt
1 Cut half of ginger shredded, and another half chopped;
2 Wash and cut duck to pieces, put in boiling water, boil hot, remove;
3 Heat oil pan, stir fry ginger shred, then stir in duck pieces, add salt, cooking wine and a small amount of water to boil, turn off the heat;
4 Move duck a bowl into the steamer, add ginger, steam with high heat for about 2 hours, can be sprinkled with ginger.
Flavorful soup with meat tender and delicious.
★ Chefs tips
If you remove the fat on the duck skin, duck soup will be more fresh and delicious.

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