Chives Stems Preserved Eggs

Preserved eggs 3
Ground pork, 50 grams
Chives 30 g
2 dried chili
Cooking oil 30 g
1 tablespoon cooking wine
Blacken bean 1 tablespoon
1 teaspoon salt
Half teaspoon MSG
1 Boil preserved eggs in water for 5 minutese, remove and soak in cold water; Peel and cut to slices;
2 Soak backen bean with wine; Wash and cut chive stems to small piecs; Cut dried chili into segments;
3 Heat oil in pan and stir fry ground pork until cook through, then add dried chili segments, blacken bean, salt, monosodium glutamate stir-fry until cooked;
4 Mix in preserved eggs, chives into the pot, stir-fry until cooked dish.
Salty and delicious, unique flavor.
★ Chefs tips
When stir frying meat, heat the oil first to avoid meat sticking.
Kitchen Tips
Tips to buy preserved eggs
1 view: Check the color. Color gray without black spots and cracks is better.
2 weigh: Feel the weight of the egg on the palm. You should feel egg flexible and shaky inside.
3 Shake: Shake the egg to your ear, a good egg silent, bad eggs sound.
4 Toss: Toss in hand, the egg should not feel heavy. Good egg should feel rubbery inside.
5 Open: Open for observation. Egg white should be solid, clean and flexible. Cut vertically, the yolk should be pale brown or yellow, the center is thinner, not sticky to shell or shrinkage of the shell is good egg.
6 taste: aromatic with no strange taste or smell for a good egg

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