Jade Flat Noodle Soup

15 tablespoons of broth
2 tsp salt
Flour, 300 grams
Spinach 150 g
1 egg
Green Onion 1
1 Wash the spinach, chopped, add appropriate amount of water, mix into a muddy mix, then drain out the juice, mix in flour and add eggs and mix, add salt and seasoning into the dough, and then cover with a damp cloth, let it sit for 10 minutes; wash and chop green onion;
2 Boil broth and filled in a large bowl, add salt and seasoning;
3 Boil half pot of water, knead dough by hand torn into small pieces, cook into boiling water; Drain the water in noodles and transfer into the soup bowl; sprinkle with onions and serve.
Colorful and elegant, rich vegitable flavor.
★ Chefs tips
To make noodles more flexible, you need to use more time to knead the dough, and spices more evenly distributed.
Kitchen Tips
Tips for prevent noodles sticking
1. Put cooking oil Method: put some cooking oil in the water to cook noodles to prevent the noodles from sticking and overflow.
2. Salt pot method: add a little salt in the water when cooking noodles to prevent sticking and overflow.

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