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Onion Ginger Crab

2 Blue Crabs
4 green onions
Ginger 1
Cooking oil 30 grams
Half tablespoon cooking wine
1 tsp salt
Half teaspoon sugar
1. Cut ginger slices; onions sections; clean crabs remove the shell, each cut into 6 pieces, boil crab shell;
2. Heat oil in pan stir in ginger and onion, add the crab stir-fry until crab meat turning white, mix in salt, sugar, cooking wine, cover to simmer;
3. Add onion, turn to high heat to stir until sauce reduced, poured into a dish, cover with crab shell.
Appetizing onion flavor, crab delicious.
★ Chefs tips
Crab cooking time can not be too long to keep the meat tender.
Kitchen Tips
Tips to keep crabs alive
If you want to keep live crabs for a few days, you can use the refrigerator drawer. Keep crabs in drawer freely, sprinkle some sesame seeds, so they can live for 3-5 days.

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